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At Nerdware Tech we tailored our service stack to fast paced moving trends of current technological echo system that supports needs of cloud hosted solutions. Cloud computing services we perfected over time to help startups benefit cloud based service architectures. We help you plan, design, develop and deploy your applications from scratch considering your limitations and helping you craft stateless applications to minimize your expense at cloud. We support industry’s leading cloud service leaders like AWS, GCP, Azure, AliCloud.

Solutions We Offer

NerdWare Tech serves in various cloud environments and structures. We've developed SOPs for need assessment and quick migration of infrastructure to Cloud environment. We work with defined service level agreements (SLAs) to support your cloud needs. Following are the support areas we work with.

Cloud Migration

NerdWare Tech helps to migrate existing infrastructure to Cloud environment. We support horizontal and vertical migrations on Cloud.

Cloud Architecture

We lay down the cloud structure by accessing your needs and requirements. We emphasize on business process as a service (BPaaS).

Cloud Maintenance

Our cloud managed service team helps you organize resources better by building NOC for monitoring and service stability and fault tolerance.

Private Cloud Consulting

Build your private cloud service structure with us by provisioning IT service infrastructure dedicated to your own organizational requirements.

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About Our Company

NerdWare Tech® is a Software Company which provides business automation solutions to its clientele & help them benefit from new business opportunities by creating smart technology systems.
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Tools and Technologies

AWS, GCP, Azure, AliCloud, Heztner, Google Kubernetes Engine. AWS Kubernetes, Azure Kubernetes, Cloud AutoML (GPUs, TPUs)