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Nerdware Tech’s web development stack includes Python, Mean/Mern and PHP. We’ve crafted state of the art SaaS applications used by thousands daily. Our business methodology is to help transition from small/medium sized startups for exponential growth. At Nerdware Tech we helped clients to migrate to new technologies from PHP Core to Flask/Django and Mean/Mern web stacks. Our major revenue comes from product based startups where we’ve excelled our clientele for bringing complex ideas to reality by developing e-Commerce, Retail, ERP, CRM and management information systems. Technologies: Python, Node, Flask, Django, ExpressJS, ReactJS, VueJS, AngularJS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, RiakDB, Selenium, Apache, Nginx. Gunicorn, uWsgi, Supervisor, CircleCI, TravisCI, GitLabs, Jenkins, Serverless Framework, AWS, GCP, Azure

Solutions We Offer

Nerdware Tech's team has no limitations as such when it comes to customized solution development. We help you build business tools that actually maximize your ROI. Following are major categories we've served our customer base.

SaaS Applications

Our team has decade of experience building SaaS applications.

Serverless Framework

Unleash the power of Serverless Framework with AWS, GCP, Azure and AliCloud with our team of professionals.

CRM/ERP Development

Engineering organizational architectures and business process using Agile.

Information Systems

We help you build intelligent business information systems tailored to your needs with aid of Data Science, AI, ML.


A good business tool development process has some pre-requisites to achieve business goals. As digital services company we do consider domain knowledge of a niche as priority but we cannot claim to develop instant expertise . Therefore, we highly recommend that in depth knowledge of your business solution is mandatory for you. We do our best to bring your imagination to reality but following are fundamental requirements to structure a business tool before you consider digitization of your idea.
  • Market Research
  • Process Engineering
  • Scalability

Gamification of idea helps to generalize solution architecture and reduces ambiguities in development process. Qualitative and quantitative research helps to set development goals and milestones. There are various methods to forecast product acceptance rate to a reasonable level if not accurately. Nerdware Tech's development process can help you further to validate your business logic with building prototypes using RAD development models. We highly recommend that your solution is backed by solid market research so we can focus on your success rather recurring basic structural iterations.

A functional and progressive business tool is digital depiction of the real world business processes. Therefore, to engineer a process from real world business model to coding logic it is necessity that every single business process is documented. Detailed documentation helps us visualize your startup idea in digital solution. We adapt generalization process to understand your requirements in layman terms to build capacity so we can understand complexities later. A startup with good documentation will always be hassle free and would benefit in terms of time and cost.

A customized solution is meant to be scalable to fit your requirements. Instead of getting charged by a Chat service provider or email marketing service, we get it created as part of your own solution. Nerdware Tech’s software development stack is highly scalable with Python and Node. Best industry standard to achieve scalability is to utilize function as a service (FaaS) model formally called ServerLess architecture. We always favor horizontal scalability to build robust next-gen applications to minimize cost at cloud computing services.

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About Our Company

NerdWare Tech® is a Software Company which provides business automation solutions to its clientele & help them benefit from new business opportunities by creating smart technology systems.
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Tools Technologies

Pandas, MatplotLib, Numpy, Sympy, Plotly, Seaborn, GGPlot, Altair, IPython, SciPy, Jupyter Notebook, QuerySurge, Xplenty, Oracle.