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Service Overview

Our data management team assists you to generalize complex data structures with preparation, automating data mining process queues, cataloging, categorization, standardization, visualization, incremental synchronization and finally reporting. With our tested abilities of data engineering, we help you set new standards by developing data management products. We’ve built data pipelines starting from mining, extraction, visualization and reporting for enterprises. We help you build eCommerce aggregators, real-time online analytical processing (OLAP), tying up your stream to APIs, developing expert systems and data driven designs in product innovation systems.

Solutions We Offer

We help you develop AI powered, Data Science driven and Deep Learning based solutions by training models with complex set of algorithms. Our data science services are backed by work force trained by decades of experience and with tested abilities over time. We offered solutions to more than 50 companies in short spam of time till 2018 from the time company started.

Data Mining and Web Scraping

We help you aggregate data from multiple data sources by automating tasks to build autonomous streams scheduling queued request processing.

Data Analysis and Reporting

We help you organize your complex data in informative way to help you perform analysis to make business decisions. Our data visualization tools helps you draw conclusions quickly.

Custom Data Driven Applications

NerdWare Tech team helps you develop data drive applications for lead generation, retail, eCommerce aggregators, biological data mining etc.

Data Warehouse

We build virtualized or dedicated data warehouse architectures, engineer processes, business analysis and project management. We offer maintenance and support for warehousing.

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About Our Company

NerdWare Tech® is a Software Company which provides business automation solutions to its clientele & help them benefit from new business opportunities by creating smart technology systems.
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Tools Technologies

Pandas, MatplotLib, Numpy, Sympy, Plotly, Seaborn, GGPlot, Altair, IPython, SciPy, Jupyter Notebook, QuerySurge, Xplenty, Oracle.