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Service Overview

NerdWare Tech’s DevOPS tested team reduces barriers for engineering to deploy and optimize systems. We make your development and operational process hassle free by automating engineering processes. We adapt customized strategy that best fits with the nature of application under development using set of supportive tools for DevOPS. Our service stack includes Package management, CI/CD, Monitoring and Logging, Configuration management for multiple nodes, containerization, docker at cloud (AKS, GKE, Kubernetes) and Serverless computing. We support complete DevOPS tools deployment on AWS, Azure and GCP.

Solutions We Offer

We aim to support rapidly develop and deploy scalable applications in different software architectures like MVP, Serverless and SaaS. Our team work closely to help you reduce your application’s operational expense by lowering capital expenditure.

DevOPS and SysOPS

We help you build deployment automation pipelines for large scale applications and your complete IT infrastructures.

DevOPS Management and Reporting

We serve with popular configuration management systems to handle enterprise based applications using Puppet, Ansible, SaltStack and Chef.

Dockers and Containers

We support container-based orchestration and deployment using Docker, Kubernetes, AKS and GKE.

Cloud Native Development

Reduce risk while working with OpenSource technologies by developing cloud native applications. Get speed with reliability and security with focus on code.

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About Our Company

NerdWare Tech® is a Software Company which provides business automation solutions to its clientele & help them benefit from new business opportunities by creating smart technology systems.
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Tools and Technolgies.

Puppet, Jenkins, Docker, Terraform, Ansible, Chef, Salt, Vagrant, Prometheus, Kubernetes, TravisCI, CircleCI, GitLabs, Artifactory, Maven, Zabbix, Kafka, MQTT, SQS