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Service Overview

Nerdware Tech team helps you train your models with Supervised, Unsupervised, Semi Unsupervised, Reinforcement Learning and Deep Learning. We’ve delivered solutions form bottom up related to Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Analysis and Cognitive Computing. Product range we’ve designed include information extraction, recommendation systems, text analysis and satellite images processing, automated trading, forecasting tools, pattern recognition system, classification, clusterization tools and credit scoring. We help you from scratch to generalize your complex data modeling layer. We helped startups to mostly with new ideas challenging status quo and created success stories.

Solutions We Offer

We help your organization to achieve your best performance with help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques. By making AI an integral part of your organizations work process you can achieve business goals faster. AI is already transforming the world and putting your organization to progressive growth path can make things happen beyond expectation. Re-discover your business potential with us.

Recommendation Systems

By integrating recommendation system to your eCommerce you can help customers make quick and accurate decisions making with automated assistance.

Predictive Analysis

Train your business models with deep learning nueral network support by building smart chatbots and intelligent assistants using NLP. Build AI driven apps and smart analytical dashboards with custom indicators.

Text Analysis

We help you get benefit of the information provided by social media by building text analysis tools tailored to your needs and requirements.

Machine Vision and Video Analytics

We help you build smart models for facial recognition, fatigue detection, human activity monitoring and image processing for stock level detection, street waste detection with satellite image processing.
Our tested team of professional with years of experience in AI/ML domain built solutions for computer vision, Text analysis, Geo Spatial analysis and intelligence augmentation based projects. With the level of expertise we are open for challenges in AI field.

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About Our Company

NerdWare Tech® is a Software Company which provides business automation solutions to its clientele & help them benefit from new business opportunities by creating smart technology systems.
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Tools and Technologies

Keras, Theano, Sci-Kit Learn, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe, AutoML, Google ML Kit, OpenNN, CNTK, H20